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How to know the predisposition of employees based on team building games?

Updated: Feb 13

Nowadays, recognizing the predispositions of employees is an important part of managing an entire team. Team building games from the Challenge Box series are an ideal tool for this.

A group of people are working on integration tasks in the Challenge Box Vinci game.
Team building game Challenge Box Vinci

Team-building games are designed not only to increase member involvement and team integration, but can be used to identify the aptitude of individuals.

Here are some aspects to focus on:

  1. Carefully observe how your employees cooperate and communicate. How they make decisions during the next stages of the game. You'll find out through this whether they can work as a team and whether a leader has clarified.

  2. Pay attention to how the team manages time during the game.

  3. Can the participants logistically schedule tasks or adapt to sudden changes in situations?

  4. Time pressure can take its toll on participants with stress. Observe how the team reacts to this type of situation. This can give you information about how employees handle stress and mental toughness.

  5. Often, the tasks set before the participants require an unconventional thinking and creativity. Check whether the team shows creativity in solving, whether employees take on the challenges set before them and what tactics they use to do so.

  6. Observe what drives your employees to achieve their goals. Are they competitive, goal-oriented or perhaps collaborative?

  7. Challenge Box team building games require smooth communication between team members. See if your employees can listen, express their concerns or ideas. How they do it.

After the game, it's a good idea to talk to your team to ask for their subjective opinions on the attraction and other participants. Ask employees what lessons they learned during the game and what skills they would like to improve.

If you need a professional opinion on the participants of your event, take advantage of our bussines coaching offer, in which we focus on the most important aspects for you related to communication and management in the team. Through analysis, you will better understand your team. You will get to know the predisposition of your employees and be able to use this information for further development in the context of teamwork.


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