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Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego

Team-building table top game


Discover the Master's hidden secret

Vinci Chest is a team building game in which a group of people take on the role of researchers into the life and works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Activity format

Table-top game.

The challenges



From 6 to 240 people.


About 120 minutes.

Mężczyzna otwierający kłódkę w grze Challenge Box Vinci

Build a machine.

Participants in the game, divided into teams of 6-8 people, are tasked with solving a series of arcade-logic-virtual tasks found in the suitcases in less than 120 minutes, and collectively build a model of a siege machine designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Each team receives its own chest, inside which are four locked suitcases and a tablet with a original AR app. The goal of the participants is to solve tasks and puzzles individually, so that in the end they break all the ciphers and build the model in the shortest possible time.


The chests have the same sets of puzzles, but differ in the construction elements for building the model. In the course of the game, it turns out that combining the results of all the teams' work is essential for success.


Vinci Chest.

Vinci's Chest is the story of the most prominent figure of the Renaissance era - Leonardo Da Vinci.


Participants take on the role of a group of historians, researching the life and works of the Master. In one of the old rooms they find a chest that belonged to Leonardo himself. It conceals four locked suitcases and a mysterious artifact that allows one to see what is not visible to the naked eye. In the suitcases, participants will find handwritten notes, cipher mechanisms, ancient maps and elements for building a model. The goal that the once Master set for the daredevils who dare to lift the lid of the chest is to break the ciphers and reconstruct the model.

Mężczyzna analizujący mapę włoch w grze integracyjnej Challenge Box Vinci

Da Vinci inspired.
He explored in many fields. The four suitcases, mirror his myriad hobbies.

The beauty of nature, mathematics, the anatomy of the human body, as well as painting and astronomy. Enter the world of the great Master and face the tasks left by him, during your corporate event.

Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego walizka 1
Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego walizka 2
Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego walizka 3
Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego walizka 4
Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego maszyna Leonarda Da Vinci

Complete the components and build the model.

Inside the suitcases you will find codes to open the drawers, where you will find the elements to build a model of Leonardo Da Vinci's machine. Locating these elements and building the model is the common task of all teams.


It is at this point that the fun takes the form of a game integrating the whole team with each other and the initial rivalry turns into mutual cooperation.


Augmented reality at your event.

In addition to logic and arcade challenges, the game uses augmented reality technology, a system that combines the real and virtual worlds. By implementing AR technology into our game, we increase immersiveness and give participants even more opportunities to interact.

Woman scanning QR code

The virtual world blends with reality.

Using tablets, teams scan special markers (symbols) that appear during the game, based on which the AR application determines its position relative to the real world and initiates 3D graphics that appear in space.

A man holding a tablet and scanning an AR marker in the game Vincie's Chest

Technology of the future.

It is certainly the most advanced virtual technology available on the market today. For some participants who have never been exposed to it, it may cause quite a surprise.

Progress of the game visible on the screen.

In addition to acting as a device through which participants can see things invisible to the naked eye, the app also display the current progress of the game.


Something more than an image.
Interactive 3D objects appearing in space.

Male using augmented reality in Challenge Box game
Vinci's chests set on tables in the conference room

Vinci Chest is a escape room enclosed in suitcases.

Are you planning a big event at a hotel or restaurant or maybe you are looking for a team building activity that is easy to initiate at the office? Vinci Chest is a game that combines all the advantages of escape rooms and encloses them in a chest. In addition, the program has been enriched with modern technological solutions in the form of a dedicated application, using the augmented reality (AR) system. Regardless of the place and nature of the event you organize, you can be sure that with this program you will integrate your team, improve communication and participants will be talking about the game long after it is over.


It's like being in a escape room, but all the tasks are locked in one mysterious chest and you have 120 minutes to solve them.


Up to 240 participants.

As many as 240 people can participate in the game at the same time, working in teams of 6-8 people. The number of chests we deliver to your event is dictated by the number of participants.

The activity can be successfully organized in a hotel in one large conference room or parallel in several smaller ones, in a restaurant or in office spaces at the company's headquarters. In the summer season also in the open air.

A group of people building a model of a siege machine designed by Leonardo Da Vinci
Man solving tasks in Challenge Box Vinci game


Depending on your preferences, event participants are randomly or schematically divided into teams of 6, 7 or 8 people. Each player is given his own task and brings different values to the team.


In Polish or English language.

All challenges in the game are prepared in Polish and English versions. This allows for productive cooperation, even if your team includes people of different nationalities.


Collaboration is the key to success.

At first, participants work within their teams. They focus on solving tasks and puzzles from their chests as efficiently as possible. In the course, however, it turns out that inter-team cooperation is more important than competition.

Teamwork stage.

Each of the four suitcases contains a set of arcade puzzles and logic-virtual tasks. By solving them, participants receive codes to open more suitcases and gain building blocks to build a model.

Inter-team collaboration stage.

From the collected elements, selected designers build a model of the siege machine by Leonardo Da Vinci. Once the pieces fit together correctly, a full-scale construction in 1:18 scale is created, which crowns the work of the entire group.

A group of people building a Leonardo Da Vinci machine project

Event anywhere.
Indoors or outdoors.

This is an team building attraction that we will organize for you in any space. Point us to the place and we will take care of the rest. We carry out our integration programs on a mobile basis throughout Poland and most European countries.


Have not yet chosen a place for your event?

Contact us and we will help you provide a space in your city.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Vinci w Hotelu


Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Vinci w Restauracji


Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Vinci w biurze


Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Vinci w plenerze



Event Agenda.

From welcoming guests, to leading the activity, to concluding, everything is in the hands of our moderators. The duration of the game is 120min.


Welcoming incoming guests, dividing into teams.

Working in teams

Work in teams on tasks found in chests.

Interteam cooperation

Inter-team cooperation on a key final task.


Summary of the results and outcomes of the work in the teams.

Mężczyzna pokazujący grupie przyjaciół poprawne rozwiązanie zadania logicznego w grze Challenge Box Vinci

Conditions and technical support.

Szkic - skrzynia vinciego

We provide

Vinci Chests along with tablets in a number adequate to the number of participants in the event.


A professional sound system.


Technical support, coordination and moderation of the event.


Pre and post event support.

Szkic - stoły

We need

A separate space for organizing team building workshops, suitable for the number of participants.


Tables in size min. 120x60cm in number adequate to the number of teams (recommended size of tables is 150x80cm or larger).


Overhead projector with screen or TV min. 32 inches (optional).

Szkic - zegar i młotek


The average time it takes to prepare an event space to conduct team building workshops is 15-45min.


The average time to disassemble the equipment after the activity is 15-45min.


What do you gain as an employer?

We realize how important a harmonized and well-functioning team is for you and your company. That's why, when developing the Vinci Chest integration program, we focused on those aspects that most affect effective teamwork and communication between employees.

We integrate the team.

Your group is divided randomly, so that people who did not have the opportunity to get to know each other before can now face a common challenge. During the game, participants easily and naturally establish relationships with each other.

We are improving communication.

Thanks to the well-thought-out scheme of the game, we significantly influence the improvement of communication in your team. The correct transmission and use of information by participants, plays a key role here.

We discover talents.

Through the use of specialized challenges, each participant can demonstrate their abilities. Observe their work to draw appropriate conclusions or entrust it to our business coach*. See our coaching proposal.

*The presence of a business coach depends on the nature of your event. We recommend using this additional option especially during specialized communication training, recruitment processes or the desire to learn about the predispositions of employees. Contact us to get the best recommendation.


Trust our experience.

Guarantee a successful event.

Challenge Box: Vinci's Chest, is the third game of the one-of-a-kind inclusive attraction under the Challenge Box label. This edition debuted at the beginning of 2023 and takes event participants into the world of Renaissance Master Leonardo Da Vinci. The same team that implemented the projects is responsible for the game: Zodiac Chest and Following the Aztecs. It is a group of experienced event managers, engineers and business coaches.


Book Vinci Chests for your event.

All you need to do is provide us with some necessary information and we will prepare a quote for you the same day.


Specify the place of your event.

Specify where you plan to hold your event. If you have not yet chosen a specific venue, specify the city where your event would be held. You can also ask us to recommend a venue in your city.


Specify the number of guests.

To prepare a detailed proposal, we need information about the number of guests you plan to invite to your event. In the request you send, always include the maximum planned number.


Wait for an offer.

That's it! Now our team needs a maximum of 12 hours to prepare the best proposal for you. For all inquiries sent by 3pm, we try to respond the same day.


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