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Partnership program


Add value to your events with our games.

You can now add value and expand your offer by partnering with Challenge Box Group. Join our partnership programme for immediate acess to our brilliant, well-crafted and innovative games. You’ll receive “ready-to-go” games with full support from us. Don’t get paid for production. Just pay for each use or lease with no limit.


Increase your revenue by partnering with us.

Now is your chance to become our official partner in your country. For a single one-off payment of just € 100 plus monthly fee based on the use or a fixed monthly fee with no-use limit, you’ll have full use of one or more of our fantastic team building games and a valuable new reveneue stream.

Get immediate access to games.

Choose from our range of innovative and original games. All are designed and manufactured by our professional team - they are only available from us. As our partner, you’ll receive everything you need. Step-by-step guidance, know- how, marketing material and technical support. You’ll have peace of mind while our games generate you extra revenue from day one.

Who is it for?

The offer is targeted at event agencies conducting their activities in European countries (excluding those registered in Poland. For them we provide production and team building services).


Exclusive partnership.

You want your team building activities to both catch-the-eye and excite your customers. Being different matters! Our exclusivity promise is our guarantee to you. Our games are made by us and available only from us through this partnership programme. We will accept no more than two partners from each European country. You really need to be one of these!


Benefits of the Challenge Box Group Partnership program.


You become an official Challenge Box Group partner in your country. You have full and immediate access to our exciting range of team building games.


The game (or games) you pick are “ready-to-go” and can immediately be offered to existing and prospective customers.


You’ll get priority access to exciting new team building games our team are developing.


There is no limit on the number of times you can use your new game(s).


You are free to use your new game(s) when you subcontract to agencies or venues.*


We give you an exclusivity promise - our games are made by us and are only available to international partners through this partnership programme.**


Full-service support from our game experts.

* We are establishing related agency structures across European countries through a cross-referral system. Contact us for more detailed information on this issue.


** Every year, in the first quarter of each new year, we make available a new integration program, to which, as an official partner, you have priority access.



This is the perfect team building game when you need a table-top solution. Participants, arranged in teams of 6, take the role of detectives on the trail of the enigmatic Zodiac! An impressive Zodiac Chest contains six locked cases - enough to keep all team members totally engaged. In the final stage of play, teams discover that they need to collaborate. Initial rivalry between teams, switches to collaboration. This is a dynamic that customers love! Suggested duration of Zodiac is 90 minutes. Zodiac

is available in several language versions.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Zodiaka


Vinci is a table-top activity ideal for those situations when you’re dealing with large groups or when available space is limited. Participants, in 6-person teams, play the role of researchers of Leonardo Da Vinci's life and works. Each team tackles intriguing challenges and puzzles found in four locked cases within the Vinci Chest. A final task requiring collaboration between all teams brings everyone together. Initial rivalry is replaced by collaboration. The total duration of a Vinci workshop is 120 minutes. Vinci is available in several language versions.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego

*The game requires tablets running iOS 11 or later (recommended device: iPad 5th generation or later).


Aztec is a brilliant outdoor team building game that, given suffcient space, can also run indoors. Participants, arranged in 6-person teams, take on the role of explorers seeking ancient treasures! Equipped with our unique travellers’ suitcases plus tablets with interactive mapping, teams head out on their quest, testing themselves against intriguing challenges. Their reward? Aztec and Mayan gold! Total duration of an Aztec workshop is 150 minutes - perfect for a morning or afternoon slot. Aztec is available in several language versions.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Śladami Azteków

*The game requires tablets running iOS 11 or later (recommended device: iPad 5th generation Wi-Fi+Cellular or later) with GPS enabled (SIM card installed).



Wondering how to choose the right program? Below you'll find a comparison of the key issues and objectives of each Challenge Box.


How and when will you use our team building programs?

Include your new team building activity when you join your corporate clients at their next company event, run an event at a client's office, work with event agencies and conference venues that are looking for proven team building solutions for their guests. So, many opportunities!


Table-top games perfectly suited to run as indoor activities - hotels, conference venues, restaurants or office premises.


Outdoor games for the great outdoors - gardens and grounds of hotels or conference centers, parks, agritourism, green area.


Easy logistics, coordination & management of activities.

Our activities are structured to require only a few of your staff members to successfully deliver team building activities for up to 240 people. Partner with us and you’ll receive full training for your staff - Zodiac, Vinci or Aztec.

Event services

Each game can be successfully delivered by between 1 to 5 staff.*


Easy assembly and disassembly, taking event staff between 30 to 90 mins.

Game duration

Depending on the selected game, duration of the session is between 90 to 150 mins.**

Event location

Fully mobile, indoors and outdoors. Game kits are robust and easily transported and handled.


A room and some tables. For outdoor activites, a suitable outdoor space such as a lawn or terrace.*

* dependent on the number of participants.

** Zodiac - 90min, Vinci - 120min, Aztec - 150min.


Unique games.

Only available through this partnership programme. Highly valued and appreciated by your customers.

All games have been developed and produced by the Challenge Box team. They are fully protected by patent rights. Over the past 4 years, they have gained the recognition of the world's largest companies during integration events organized in Poland.


Are you interested in starting a partnership?

Get in touch with our Manager.

  • Can I expect a presentation of my chosen game before joining the program?
    Yes, we are organizing the presentation of games in every European country.
  • Are there any other fees charged besides the activation fee and monthly rental subscription?
    No. Is a single one-off payment of just € 100 plus monthly fee based on the use or a fixed monthly fee with no-use limit.
  • Will I get a invoice?
    Yes. For internal transactions, the tax is 0%.
  • How long is the contract valid?
    The contract is signed for a period of 12 months. After this time, you can return the game to us and end your participation in the partnership program or extend the contract for another 12 months.
  • Can I change the package during the contract?
    Yes. During the term of the contract you can upgrade to a higher package or add another game. You cannot reduce the selected package or terminate the contract before the termination period.
  • After how long after joining the program will I receive the game?
    Our team produces a completely new set for you according to the selected program and package. We usually need about 30-60 days for this.
  • Will my team be trained on how to use the selected game?
    Sure. We deliver the game according to the selected package to you personally. We then conduct extensive training for your team on how to operate the game and hand out the necessary offering materials (PDF) for your sales team. The full training on how to operate and run the game takes about 8h.
  • If the game breaks down, can I count on service?
    We go to great care to ensure that our games are as durable and fail-safe as possible, while also being resistant to any external factors (including human negligence). Occasionally, however, they may fail under certain circumstances. In case of damage to smaller items, you can send them back to us by mail or courier, and we will repair the defect as a priority and send the repaired item back to you. For more serious failures, our service team will contact you to arrange a service visit.
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