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Challenge Box Sladami Aztekow

Team-building outdoor game


Follow the trail of ancient civilizations

Following the Aztecs is a team building game in which a group of people take on the role of explorers and searchers of ancient artifacts.

Activity format

Outdoor game.

The challenges



From 6 to 240 people.


About 150 minutes.

Grupa osób rozwiązująca zadania w grze terenowej Sladami Aztekow

Get on the trail.

Participants of the game, divided into teams of 6-8 people, set out on a 2-hour team building expedition in the footsteps of ancient civilizations. On the trail they will face unique arcade, logic and exploration tasks, as well as make contact with mysterious characters they will meet on their way.


Each team receives a traveler's suitcase, inside of which are items and story notes. In addition, a tablet with an interactive map with marked spots with arcade challenges and logic tasks.


The goal of the participants is to solve tasks, puzzles and explore the terrain in search of valuable artifacts to score as many points as possible in the end.


Following the Aztecs.

This is an inclusive outdoor expedition whose storyline closely follows the pre-Columbian times and the lands under the rule of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

Our story centers around the key achievements of the cultures there, their beliefs, symbolism, number systems used, writing, astronomical observations and numerous conquests. Players take on the role of explorers and searchers of valuable artifacts. Equipped with travel items, an interactive map and an expedition diary - that of 19th century English traveler and explorer John Flinders - they try to solve puzzles and meet the tasks set before them along the trail.

Mężczyzna wskazujący rozwiązanie zadania w grze terenowej Challenge Box Aztek

Challenge yourself with plenty of arcade, logic and exploration tasks.

The number of challenges on the trail depends on the size of your group. However, you can be sure that we will always provide at least 20 fully varied skill challenges and logic tasks about the life and culture of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. With larger groups, this number increases to 35.

Animator palący fajkę pokoju podczas gry Challenge Box Aztek

Light the peace pipe.

This is a unique place on the trail, where an animator dressed as an ethnic shaman lights the peace pipe.


Each participant has the opportunity to try the original peace pipe, which comes directly from Central America. The pipe is filled with a special mild tobacco of the Captain Black brand, so everyone can savor its taste.


We care about hygienic issues, so we provide single-use mouthpieces for each participant.


Find hidden items along the expedition trail.

Gold totems, talismans and coins hidden in various places in the area. By finding them, teams earn bonus points. But... beware of traps.

Złoto azteków
Azteckie talizmany

Gold totems.

These are unique items in the form of gold totems of various shapes. They are located on the terrain in the most unreachable places. There are the least number of them, but their special abilities allow you to gain the most bonuses.


Golden talismans.

Talismans, are characterized by unique engravings that symbolize the functions the talisman performs. These are specific uses that help or.... complicate gameplay. One should be attentive while searching for these items.


Gold coins.

The most common objects on the trail. Their point value is the lowest, but at the same time there are the most of them. They are in relatively easily accessible places. There are enough of them that you will need a large purse.


Travel items for each team.

Each team begins its adventure equipped with a traveler's suitcase and a tablet with a dedicated app of the game Following the Aztecs.

Walizki podróżnika
Tablet z aktywną aplikacją MooveGo

Tablet with dedicated app.

Each team receives one tablet. It is a kind of interactive map, on which key spots of the expedition are marked. In addition, once the game begins, a timer appears on the screen measuring the time until the end of the expedition and the point balance.


The application also acts as a virtual key, through which participants can activate the selected task, get the necessary tips and accumulate points.

Map legend.

A description of the places that will be visited by the participants during the expedition.


Traveler's diary.

This is an essential collection of notes, in which the necessary tips and information for the tasks are recorded.


Story items.

The suitcase also contains plot items that will be useful during certain tasks.


Space for unique items.

This is a special place for Aztec totems and a leather bellows for talismans and gold coins.

Wnętrze walizek podróżnika w grze Challenge Box Sladami Aztekow
Zamknięte walizki podróżnika wraz z zestawem nocnym

Additional night equipment.*

Night exploration requires the use of special additional equipment in the form of tactical flashlights, headlamps and emergency power supply. In addition, key areas of the expedition are illuminated with atmospheric led lanterns.

*Additional night equipment is provided for evening and night events. Ask our Manager for a recommendation.

A group of people taking part in the Challenge Box Aztec team-building game

Following the Aztecs is a modern formula for an integrative outdoor game.

Are you planning an event and looking for an idea for an outdoor team building attraction? A game that, in addition to entertaining, will integrate your team. Thanks to which you will improve the efficiency of the team, build strong relationships between participants and learn about their abilities?


Following the Aztecs, combines all these features, encloses them in the form of a one-of-a-kind adventure outdoor game. Teams rival each other to see who can do better on the trail, solve more tasks and puzzles, get more gold, and thus have more points after two hours of the expedition.


Up to 240 participants.

As many as 240 people can participate in the game at once, working in teams of 6-8 people. The number of checkpoints with tasks on the trail* and the number of traveler's kits we provide for the event is dictated by the size of the group and the terrain of the game.


Teams receive information about their base starting checkpoints. Thanks to this, there is no situation in which two or more teams already at the beginning meet at the same task. The rest of the expedition, remains in the hands of the respective team. It all depends on the interpretation of the clues, the map and the goals the team has in mind. Will they choose logical tasks, arcade tasks or maybe focus on the search for gold?

*The minimum number of challenges and tasks on the trail is 20, the maximum is 35. It depends on the number of participants and the number of teams. The number of checkpoints may also depend on the area where the game is implemented. The exact number of checkpoints is presented after getting to know the number of participants and the planned place of event.

A group of people listening to the introduction to the game Tracing Aztecs
Woman solving a logic task in a mobile off-road escape room


Depending on your preferences, event participants are divided into teams of 6, 7 or 8 people. Each player is given his own task and brings different values to the team.


In Polish or English language.

All challenges in the game are prepared in Polish and English versions. This allows for productive cooperation, even if your team includes people of different nationalities.


Any time of the year. Not just in the summer.

The best time to organize an outdoor game Following the Aztecs is between April and October. However, nothing stands in the way of organizing a field integration in late autumn or even winter.


All elements used in the game are fully resistant to heavy weather conditions, including strong winds, rain, snow or frost (up to -15 degrees Celsius / 5 Fahrenheit).

A team of several people in winter conditions solving a team-building task in a game called Aztec Footsteps
Man counting gold in Aztec game

Motivating competition.

The team that scores the most points on the trail wins. Points for skill challenges and logic tasks, as well as gold coins found - sum up. Bonuses are special abilities of unique golden totems and talismans.


The counting of points takes place after the end of the game and the return of all teams to the starting place and the end of the expedition. Thanks to a specially developed scoring system, we get an insight into how a particular team coped with a particular type of task.


Event in any outdoor area.

Hotel outdoor area, restaurant, forest, urban open space. The larger the available area - the better. We optimally locate the game checkpoints at a distance of min. 50 meters from each other, in such an area that would allow them to cover each other, using terrain obstacles or architecture of the object.


Haven't chosen a place for your event yet?

Contact us and we will help you secure a space in your city.


Event Agenda.

From welcoming the guests, to leading the activity, to concluding, everything is in the hands of our facilitators. The duration of the game is 150min.


Welcoming incoming guests, dividing into teams and set case's.

Going on the trail

Going on the trail, exploring and working on tasks.

Completing the expedition

End the expedition, return and count the points.


Discuss the results and outcomes of the work in the teams.

Kilka zespołów rozwiązuje zadania logiczne w grze integracyjnej Challenge Box Aztek

Conditions and technical support.

Sketch - In the Footsteps of the Aztecs

We provide

Checkpoints with tasks, traveler's suitcases and tablets in numbers appropriate to the number of participants in the event.


Professional sound system.


Technical support, coordination and moderation of the event.


Pre and post event support.

Draft - house and forest

We need

A separate area for the organization of the game, adequate for the number of participants. At least 0.5ha area (recommended is 1-5ha or more).


2 tables in size min. 120x60cm (recommended size of tables is 150x80cm or larger).

Sketch - clock and hammer


The average time to prepare the event space for the field game is 3-4 hours.


The average time to disassemble the equipment after the activity is 1-2 hours.


What do you gain as an employer?

We realize how important a harmonized and well-functioning team is for you and your company. That's why, when developing the Following the Aztecs integration program, we focused on those aspects that most affect effective teamwork and communication between employees.

We integrate the team.

Your group is divided randomly, so that people who did not have the opportunity to get to know each other before can now face a common problem. During the game, participants easily and naturally establish relationships with each other.

We are improving communication.

Thanks to the well-thought-out scheme of the game, we significantly influence the improvement of communication in your team. The correct transmission and use of information by participants, plays a key role here.

We identify predispositions.

Through the use of specialized challenges, each participant can demonstrate their abilities. When summarizing the results, we get insights into how the team performed on a particular type of task.*

*This game format, unlike the tabletop games in our offer, does not offer the option of an extra feature in the form of discussion of the results of the teams' work by a business coach. This is due to the fact that in the case of a tabletop game, our trainer is not able to effectively observe the work of individuals and teams.


Trust our experience.

Guarantee a successful event.

Challenge Box: Aztec, is a game and one-of-a-kind team building attraction created by a team of several people, according to a proprietary project in 2022. The designing team includes experienced event managers, business coaches and talented engineers.


Book Following the Aztecs for your event.

All you need to do is provide us with some necessary information and we will prepare a quote for you the same day.


Specify the place of your event.

Specify where you plan to hold your event. If you have not yet chosen a specific venue, specify the city where your event would be held. You can also ask us to recommend a venue in your city.


Specify the number of guests.

To prepare a detailed proposal, we need information about the number of guests you plan to invite to your event. In the request you send, always include the maximum planned number.


Wait for an offer.

That's it! Now our team needs a maximum of 12 hours to prepare the best proposal for you. For all inquiries sent by 3pm, we try to respond the same day.


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