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Team building

Grupa osób rozwiązująca zadania Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego

Integration attractions for business events.

We specialize in the organization and moderation of team building activities based on Challenge Box's proprietary games and team building programs. Our offer is directed in particular to companies and enterprises looking for proven and at the same time innovative ideas for the integration of their team. We carry out activities throughout Poland and selected European countries, with professional service at the highest level.

Duża grupa pracuje przy zadaniach i wyzwaniach z gry Challenge Box Skrzynia Zodiaka

Organize an memorable activity for your team with us.

Trust our experience and entrust us to organize team building during your corporate team building event or team meeting. We vouch for the uniqueness and quality of execution of our games and programs.

The best team building games for corporate events for up to 600 participants.

Our experience is supported by more than 500 integration events in Poland and abroad. Hundreds of positive reviews and satisfaction of our regular clients allow us to state with full responsibility that the integration programs we offer are among the best offered in Poland and other European countries.

Who is it for?

We offer our services to companies, businesses and institutions that are looking for proven team-building attractions for their events, outings and team-building events or intimate gatherings. We also work with event agencies and conference venues that need a trusted subcontractor.


Guarantee the best deal.

When you order the organization of a team building with us, you are sure that you will always get the best price for the selected program from our offer. No middlemen, commissions or markups. The service will be provided by an experienced event team with several years of experience. At your request, our coordinators will themselves contact the facility where you are realizing the event and clarify logistical and technical issues related to the organization of integration activities. You can also entrust us with the comprehensive organization of your event with the provision of event space, catering and additional services.


A table-top team building game in which a group of people take on the role of detectives on the trail of the Zodiac.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Zodiaka


A table-top team building game in which a group of people take on the role of researchers into the life and works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego


An outdoor team building game in which a group of people take on the role of searchers of ancient artifacts.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Śladami Azteków


Wondering how to choose the right program? Below you'll find a comparison of the key issues and objectives of each Challenge Box.


What exactly is team building for businesses?

Team building is nothing more than team formation within a business, organization or simply a group of people with a common goal. It is all kinds of conscious integration processes aimed at creating a smoothly functioning team. Effective team building can be carried out within a new group of people who are just getting to know each other, or applied to an existing team, focus on problems and solve them effectively.

Company event during a short game participants take part in outdoor tasks.
Company event during a short game participants take part in outdoor tasks.
A group of people are working on integration tasks at Vince's Chest. A woman holds a tablet.
A man takes pictures of participants at a company event.

Improve communication within the existing business team.

Cooperation and synergy within a team, is especially important in small, medium and larger companies. It happens that employees know each other only within their department. This, in the long run, negatively affects the entire functioning of the company. The moment when individual departments require mutual cooperation sooner or later comes and then good communication is essential. Team building activities are aimed precisely at preparing crew members for such situations, so that relations within the structure of the entire company are as good as possible.

Introducing people to a new team in a company or institution.

Good introduction of new employees to a company or a new project is the basis for further effective cooperation. To make this happen, it is worth organizing an integration workshop for them. In addition to new employees getting to know each other in the ranks of the company, we get measurable results of their work and commitment to team activities. We can assess their teamwork, time control in the case of difficult situations, get to know their strengths and weaknesses, how they cope with solving the problems created and also emerge a group leader whose actions in the future may prove important in the company's structures.

Integration of people working remotely or in the area.

Nowadays, remote work has become the standard; on the one hand, it is a solution that helps reduce expenses and saves time, but on the other hand, it limits interpersonal contacts, which negatively affects communication within the team. Using the tools provided by Challenge Box, we can build positive mutual relations among such employees. Organize a meeting and choose one of our integration programs and we will take care of the rest.

An inclusive attraction at a corporate or private event.

Challenge Box integration scenarios, however, are not only a tool for improving communication and efficiency in a team. It is also a great form of entertainment, during various corporate events or private parties. If you are planning such an event and want to provide your guests with some unusual entertainment, use our original ideas - Zodiac Chest, Vinci Chest or Following the Actecs.


When to organize an integration workshop.

You are wondering what is the best time to take advantage of our offer. In fact, you can entrust us with the organization of any event or training, during which employees are expected to get to know each other better.

Business events

Team building games are an excellent form of attraction to integrate participants during a conference or large corporate event.

Integration tours

You can successfully implement our programs in any hotel, conference venue, event space or office.

Small meetings

The Challenge Box games are perfect as a supplementary attraction to an intimate corporate meeting in a pub or restaurant.

Business team training

It's also a great formula that works for training or recruitment processes. Check out our training with a trainer offer.


Let's talk about your event.

Contact our Manager and tell us what you expect.

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