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Szkic drewniane tablice plenerowe.

Stationary games

We produce story-based game scenarios for hotels and conference venues, which we permanently apply to the venue. We focus on the history, scenery and unique character of the place. Our offer is aimed especially at large business hotels, conference facilities but also places focused on family recreation. Stationary game is a great form of enriching the offer of the facility with an unusual integration and entertainment attraction.

Do you want to use ready-made mobile scenarios that we can organize at your venue? Check out our team building offer.

Draft - activity format
Activity format

Indoor or outdoor stationary games.

The challenges

Logic puzzles, analytical and dexterity tasks.


No limit on participants.


No time limit.

We respond to the needs of individual and business guests.

We know how important - besides the place itself - are the attractions that the facility can provide to its guests as an enrichment of their stay. Therefore, based on our experience, we propose to develop a game applied permanently on the premises (inside or outside), which can be used at any time by both families with children and organized groups.

A storyline that refers to the history of the venue.

Do you want to highlight the history or uncommon atmosphere of your place? We can help you with that. When developing a game for your venue, we take into account all the aspects that are important to you and weave in our original gameplay schemes.

Minimum of service. Maximum entertainment.

Our original concept allows you to create a stationary game that requires a minimum of handling. It all comes down to one person coordinator present at the reception desk.

Reliability and safety.

This is one of the key aspects we take into account when developing and producing a new game. We construct it to withstand mechanical overload, weather conditions and unforeseen situations from the participants. If necessary, we provide a maintenance service.

Tablet z aplikacją do stacjonarnej gry plenerowej Challenge Box Aztek.

Hotel games.

We develop and create hotel games in which we use ready-made infrastructure or create unique constructions placed in the internal space or green area of the facility. In doing so, we rely on logic puzzles, analytical tasks, simple arcade challenges, as well as a proprietary application with a GPS location module or an analog map. Participants, through participation in the games, learn about the history of the place and interesting facts related to it, while having a great time.


Ordering a game from us you have the opportunity to choose:

  • the leading scheme of the game,

  • the formula of activities and the basic assumptions of the game,

  • the main plot thread,

  • duration,

  • maximum limit of participants.


After a site visit and discussion of the initial design assumptions, our team proceeds to create the game concept.

Who is it for?

We especially recommend for hotels and conference venues that want to enrich their offer with a dedicated integration and entertainment game. This is a recommended formula of activities for organized groups and individual guests.

  • Can I expect a presentation of my chosen game before joining the program?
    Yes, we are organizing the presentation of games in every European country.
  • Are there any other fees charged besides the activation fee and monthly rental subscription?
    No. Is a single one-off payment of just € 100 plus monthly fee based on the use or a fixed monthly fee with no-use limit.
  • Will I get a invoice?
    Yes. For internal transactions, the tax is 0%.
  • How long is the contract valid?
    The contract is signed for a period of 12 months. After this time, you can return the game to us and end your participation in the partnership program or extend the contract for another 12 months.
  • Can I change the package during the contract?
    Yes. During the term of the contract you can upgrade to a higher package or add another game. You cannot reduce the selected package or terminate the contract before the termination period.
  • After how long after joining the program will I receive the game?
    Our team produces a completely new set for you according to the selected program and package. We usually need about 30-60 days for this.
  • Will my team be trained on how to use the selected game?
    Sure. We deliver the game according to the selected package to you personally. We then conduct extensive training for your team on how to operate the game and hand out the necessary offering materials (PDF) for your sales team. The full training on how to operate and run the game takes about 8h.
  • If the game breaks down, can I count on service?
    We go to great care to ensure that our games are as durable and fail-safe as possible, while also being resistant to any external factors (including human negligence). Occasionally, however, they may fail under certain circumstances. In case of damage to smaller items, you can send them back to us by mail or courier, and we will repair the defect as a priority and send the repaired item back to you. For more serious failures, our service team will contact you to arrange a service visit.
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