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Mężczyzna wyciągający elementy do gry integracyjnej z lasera CO2.

Order your own team building game. We will produce it. 

We produce mobile and stationary integration and entertainment games, aimed at integrating the group in the most effective way and at the same time providing original entertainment. Our offer is addressed mainly to event agencies and hotels and conference facilities that wish to expand their portfolio with unconventional integration attractions on an exclusive basis. Each project developed by us is one of a kind.

Pracownik Challenge Box Group projektuje grę integracyjną.

Add a unique team building activity to your portfolio.

If you think that the market of event attractions has nothing new to offer you anymore, your clients expect innovative ideas and you need a certain program with a WOW effect - you are in the right place.

Create a fully unique attraction together with us.

Contact us and tell us what you expect, and our team will develop exclusively for you a unique formula of integration and entertainment game to which you will have full rights (including patent rights), for which you will have full exclusivity and which you will be able to propose to your clients. We develop both mobile games for use anywhere and stationary programs designed for the hotel market.

Who is it for?

The offer is addressed to event agencies and training companies operating in Poland, as well as to hotels and conference facilities located in European countries.


The world's only such attraction.

You are 100% sure that when you commission us to develop your mobile game, it will be fully unique and developed exclusively for you. We design and make original mechanisms, logic puzzles, analytical tasks, arcade challenges. Almost every element is made from scratch by our team. In doing so, we use our CO2 lasers, CNC milling machines and 3D printers, so we can precisely make any shape and element we need. Trust us and order your mobile integration game.

Mobile games

Manufacturing mobile games and team building activities for event agencies and training companies.

Szkic drewniane skrzynie.

A new attraction at the venue.

You can now order a stationary game developed 100% for your venue. Similar to mobile attractions, stationary games are created entirely by our team. We use ready-made infrastructure adapting it to the game or create fully original schemes, which we permanently place in your facility. This gives you a new attraction for your guests, both individuals and organized groups. We develop all our schemes in such a way that they require minimal maintenance, so you don't need a qualified staff of coordinators.

Stationary games

Production of role-playing games dedicated to hotels and conference facilities.

Szkic drewniane tablice plenerowe.

Do you have an idea?
We'll make it a reality.

Contact our Manager and tell us what you expect.

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