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Team building activities - indoor or outdoor - which one to choose?

Updated: Feb 13

You want to organize your team's integration, but are wondering what type of attraction to choose? Would an atmospheric outdoor game be better, or is it better to invest in indoor activities? We give you a hint!

Woman working at Tonalpohuali point in Challenge Box Aztec
Challenge Box Aztek - Tonalpohuali challenge

Choosing between an indoor and outdoor team-building program depends on several key criteria that you should consider before making a decision. Here are some of them:

Goal: Consider what effect you want the integration program to have on your team. If you want to increase group activity, build relationships between group members and develop communication skills, it is better to choose an indoor program. It often puts participants in situations that require cooperation both within the team and between groups.


Participant preferences: Gather the opinions of those who will participate in the program. Some may favor outdoor activities, while others will prefer more static options.


Weather conditions: This is especially important if you are planning an outdoor program. Unpredictable weather can affect the comfort of participants and the course of the attraction. If you are unsure of the weather conditions, an indoor program will be a safer choice. However, using our offer, you can ask us to book two programs for your event, and you will decide which one will be finalized 1-2 days before the event date.


Available options: Outdoor programs typically require more space. Your team may need additional equipment, such as sports or hiking gear. Indoor programs do not require such a large area, usually a conference room is sufficient. Of course, when organizing such an event, you need to take into account the number of participants.

The choice between an indoor and outdoor team-building program depends on several aspects to consider. The most important is to plan engaging and attractive activities that will help build relationships and teamwork. Contact us to learn about team-building games from Challenge Box's range of classes and activities for companies - both those to be organized in the room and outdoors.


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