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Event agency Katowice


Event company Katowice - Challenge Box Group brings innovative solutions to the market, focusing on improving communication and integrating employees. As a leader in the field of team building, we specialize in building relationships, cooperation and creativity while uncovering hidden talents. Our original team-building games are designed to strengthen your team and improve its performance. We will organize a team-building event in Katowice for you, so that you can transform your team into a strongly integrated unit, ready for any challenge. Our methods are a guarantee of effective and positive change inside any organization. Check it out!

Team building Katowice - discover new horizons of integration with Challenge Box Group.

Challenge Box Group is more than an ordinary event agency. We specialize in the organization of unforgettable team building, corporate events, training and production of unique integration games. We offer unique team-building experiences to our contractors, whose number has already exceeded 250 in Poland and abroad.


Our original programs, inspired by escape room puzzles, but enclosed in crates, are a novelty on the market of team building events in Katowice. Participants, divided into teams of 6-8, face dexterity and logic challenges. Games such as Zodiac, Vinci and Aztek require not only individual teamwork, but also cooperation between groups to achieve a common goal. Each of these games offers a unique experience, from the role of detectives solving the mysteries of Zodiac, to investigators of Da Vinci's life, to artifact finders in an Aztec climate. Choose team building Katowice with Challenge Box Group and experience an adventure that will integrate your team like never before.


A table-top team building game in which a group of people take on the role of detectives on the trail of the Zodiac.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Zodiaka


A table-top team building game in which a group of people take on the role of researchers into the life and works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego


An outdoor team building game in which a group of people take on the role of searchers of ancient artifacts.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Śladami Azteków


Wondering how to choose the right program? Below you'll find a comparison of the key issues and objectives of each Challenge Box.

Build your dream team - event agency Katowice.

Investment in innovative team building games offered by Challenge Box Group event agency is the key to the success of any business. They give you a motivated, well-functioning team that will become the true driving force of your company. Our unique solutions provide team integration in a creative and original way, creating memories that will live long in the memory of your employees.


In addition, our games allow you to improve communication within the team, which leads to more effective transfer and use of information. During the game, participants naturally establish mutual relationships, which is conducive to building a strong and cohesive team. Another invaluable value is the opportunity to identify natural leaders and talents in the group, whose skills can be used in the future. By choosing integration events Katowice with Challenge Box Group, you are investing in the development of your team and your company.

Innovative event company Katowice - Challenge Box Group.

With Challenge Box Group every team building event is transformed into an unforgettable event that brings people together and makes them a harmonious team. We carry out events all over Poland and in most countries of the European Union, and we have over 500 successful events to our credit. Whether you prefer to meet in spacious interiors such as restaurants, conference rooms, offices, or prefer the proximity of nature during the spring and summer months - we are here to help you choose the perfect venue for your corporate event in Katowice.


Our games are available in Polish and English, making it possible to organize international team building events, accommodating up to 240 participants at a time. Take advantage of our offer and see how investing in a well-organized integration translates into building a strong team spirit and improving cooperation within your organization. Feel free to contact us - together we will build the team you have always dreamed of!


We operate in the following locations, among others: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Lodz, Cracow, Katowice, Opole, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Koszalin, Szczecin, Olsztyn, Białystok, Lublin, Zakopane, Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Krynica Zdrój, Zielona Góra.

When to organize an integration workshop.

You are wondering what is the best time to take advantage of our offer. In fact, you can entrust us with the organization of any event or training, during which employees are expected to get to know each other better.

Business events

Team building games are an excellent form of attraction to integrate participants during a conference or large corporate event.

Integration tours

Team building games are an excellent form of attraction to integrate participants during a conference or large corporate event.

Small meetings

The Challenge Box games are perfect as a complementary attraction to an intimate corporate meeting in a pub or restaurant.

Business team training

It's also a great formula that works for training or recruitment processes. Check out our training with a trainer offer.


Let's talk about your event.

Contact our Manager and tell us what you expect.

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