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As a leading event company in Gdynia, Challenge Box Group specializes in creating unique team building experiences that effectively strengthen bonds between employees. Our original programs are more than ordinary team-building events - they are well-thought-out strategies that break down communication barriers, open up cooperation and reveal hidden talents in teams . Each event is tailored to the specific needs of our clients, so they can experience the maximum benefits of investing in the development of their employees.

We offer an innovative approach to each project, constantly introducing new solutions that refresh and optimize integration processes . We invite you to take advantage of our offer in Gdynia, where professionalism combines with creativity, creating unforgettable events.

Team building Gdynia – discover the capabilities of your team from Challenge Box Group

Challenge Box Group focuses on organizing team building, corporate events, training, workshops and the production of integration games . We are specialists in transforming teams into well-coordinated units, thanks to innovative ideas for team-building events in Gdynia . Our events are based on original programs - puzzles inspired by escape rooms, but presented in a unique form of boxes. Participants, divided into teams of 6-8 people, face sets of puzzles requiring both dexterity and logical thinking. The game reveals that the key to success is cooperation between teams. We offer three different game scenarios : Zodiac, Vinci and Aztek, which will integrate your team like never before.


A table-top team building game in which a group of people take on the role of detectives on the trail of the Zodiac.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Zodiaka


A table-top team building game in which a group of people take on the role of researchers into the life and works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Skrzynia Vinciego


An outdoor team building game in which a group of people take on the role of searchers of ancient artifacts.

Gra integracyjna Challenge Box Śladami Azteków


Wondering how to choose the right program? Below you'll find a comparison of the key issues and objectives of each Challenge Box.

Gdynia event agency – choose the innovative transformation of the team from Challenge Box Group

Investing in innovative team building games from Challenge Box Group is the key to building a motivated, engaged and effectively cooperating team . Thanks to our unique solutions, your company will improve communication and cooperation between employees, which in turn will increase productivity and job satisfaction. Each corporate event in Gdynia is not only an opportunity to have great fun, but also a platform for building a positive culture in the workplace. Participants in our games develop key skills for the modern business world, create strong relationships, and discover hidden talents and leaders in their teams. Choose Challenge Box Group and invest in the development of your team in an unforgettable way that will be remembered for a long time.

Event company Gdynia – discover the strength of your employees

We invite you to take advantage of our offer of integration games , which we provide not only in Poland, but also in most European Union countries . We have already successfully conducted over 500 events, both in Polish and English. Thanks to our flexibility, we can organize events in various locations - from conference rooms to outdoor locations in the warmer months . Regardless of the location, our integration games can engage up to 240 participants at the same time , which makes us an ideal partner for any company looking for effective integration solutions. Join the group of our satisfied clients and invest in professional team-building events in Gdynia!

We operate, among others: in the following towns: Warsaw , Wrocław , Poznań , Łódź , Kraków , Katowice , Opole , Bydgoszcz , Gdańsk , Gdynia , Koszalin , Szczecin , Olsztyn , Białystok , Lublin, Zakopane, Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Krynica Zdrój, Zielona Góra.

When to organize an integration workshop.

You are wondering what is the best time to take advantage of our offer. In fact, you can entrust us with the organization of any event or training, during which employees are expected to get to know each other better.

Business events

Team building games are an excellent form of attraction that integrates participants during a conference or large corporate event.

Integration tours

Our programs can be successfully implemented in any hotel, conference facility, event space or office.

Small meetings

Games from the Challenge Box series are perfect as an attraction complementing a small company meeting in a pub or restaurant.

Business team training

It is also an excellent formula that works well during training or recruitment processes. See our offer of training with a trainer.


Let's talk about your event.

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